Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Allllllllllllll-day sickness

I have NO IDEA why it's called morning sickness. I wake up, I feel fine. I take a shower, I feel fine. I eat breakfast, I feel fine. 20 minutes later, I feel like I'm on a 15ft boat on 20ft seas. Alllllllll day. Riding in the car is hell, which is not good as I have a 40 minute commute to my office. Walking helps, sometimes. When it doesn't, it's worse. Sea-Bands do help some. Ginger helps. Eating (weirdly) helps. But nothing makes it go away. Sigh. Oh, and I am so tired I can barely function. But I can't sleep when I want to throw up. It's not fun - like a three-month hangover without all the booze. BUT - baby looks good so far. We have another ultrasound on Thursday but here is a picture from last week:


Our little blueberry was measuring 2 days ahead and had a lovely heartbeat of 136bpm. So, my due date is Nov. 22.

E is thrilled, his parents are thrilled, and when I don't want to puke or sleep, I'm thrilled. More updates soon!