Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Someone asked what symptoms I've had so far - a better question is probably what symptoms I haven't had. So here is a list:

- Much larger breasts - I've gone up both a cup and a strap size. I will probably go up at least one more.
- Tired, tired, tired - I went to bed at 8:30 last night
- Morning Sickness - no pukies yet but they are coming - I feel pretty close a lot of the time now
- Blue Veins everywhere - legs, chest stomach, back, ugh!
- Headaches - these are better now but the first week was hell
- Food aversions and cravings - right now I want all the sweet potatoes I can eat, Chinese hot and sour soup, and rose ice cream from Ici, this amazing little place in Berkeley. I cannot stand the idea of anything green that's cooked (salad is fine), chicken soup, noodles, and anything seafood.
- Cramps - a few of the scary kind, more of the normal pinching, pulling, tight feeling
-Spotting - yep, the scary one, but it's been light and it goes away, so so far so good.
-Hot flashes - especially at night, making it hard to sleep. Baby powder on the sheets save me. Have I mentioned that it's been in the 40s and 50s at night and we don't have the heat on?
- Bitchiness - ooooofffff!!! And can you say moody???? An ASPCA commercial was good for 40 minutes of crying the other night. E is thanking our friend Dave for the phrase "I was only kidding."

Other than that, well, pretty much it's all good. Now baby just has to hang on for 34 more weeks!

Big News

Sorry I've been so quiet but we have big news - we found out on March 14 that the surgery and acupuncture have in fact worked and we are expecting our first on Nov. 24th! It has been a bit of a roller-coaster so far. My betas are as follows:

11 dpo (days past ovulation) -14 (a little low but well within average)
13 dpo -41
14 dpo - 57 (a little slow to go up but ok)
16 dpo - 123 (great #)
21 dpo - 2731!!!

That 21 dpo number is well within the range for multiples - we could be having natural twins, although I would be shocked if we were!

I've had some mild spotting, and my initial hormone levels were a bit low, but these #s show that at least for now, all is very well. I think the spotting was from overdoing it, so I just have to take it easy for the next few weeks.

Our first u/s will be in two weeks and hopefully we will see the heartbeat. We will definitly know then whether it is one or two. I cannot wait for that exam, because once we get past that and all is well, our chances of a miscarriage drop dramatically. I must say though, these numbers are way, way, way above what they were last time, so I am cautiously optimistic this time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

This is just embarassing

So some friends were discussing our TTC and AF related inventories in our various houses. This is mine at the moment:

Oh, my list is just sad:


-Natura-Care (non-chlorine bleach, environmentally friendly) panti-liners
-Natura-Care tampons 1.5 boxes
-Natura-Care slim maxis with wings

TTC Paraphanalia:

-Three thermometers (yes, three, one I trust, one for backup, and one that is total crap)
-5 kinds of chinese herb pills for various points of the cycle
-A sort of sage-stick thing that you burn and then hold above your ovaries to warm them - its a TCM thing - love it so my acupunture goddess gave one to me for use at home
-B-6 Supplements
-Trader Joe's and Whole Foods pre-natals - I switch during my cycle - TJs is better before O, WF after O for my stomach
-2 tubes pre-seed and several paks of the pre-seed stuff that is for external use
-1 fertility microscope that doesn't work for me

Peeing Implements:

5 left-over Answer 20pk OPKs
4 CBE Digi OPKs
7 CBE non-digi OPKs, which I found in a box the other day and had forgotten about
4 FRER Gold digi HPTs
3 FRER regular HPTs
3 Answer HPTs
Several paper cups
One plastic cup

I do not even want to think about the investment this represents. Moreover, this doesn't even begin to represent all the books, magazines and newsletters I have lying around.