Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Big News . . .

Baby is PERFECT! And . . . IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

He was sooooo cute today - he was asleep but had the hiccups and was bouncing all over the place. The tech took one look and said "Look at your perfect baby, I have another dr. who has to see this!" She went and got a 50 y.o. (about) male dr. who is training to do NT scans and he walked in and said "Awwwwwww, wook at the pefect wittle baby!" At that point, I knew the scan was going well! :):) Anyway, his measurements are perfect and my risk is 1 in 2888 for Downs and 1 in 5500 for Tri 13/18, so no CVS or amnio for me. She also said his brain, skull, kidneys, and heart look absolutely perfect, as does the placenta, which is anterior, and the amniotic fluid. HB was a perfect 160. I asked if we could get the money shot and she totally did - she got a shot looking down his belly with his little feet and legs in the air and she cracked up and said to me "what do you think it is?" I took one look at the screen and said - "I think that's a BOY!" We checked from the other direction and there was no downward pointing stub, so it's pretty sure it's a boy! I am so excited and DH is over the moon!!! I don't have a good scan of the money shot, but I will post it when I get home - I'm at work so could only scan one pic before getting bounced off the scanner.